Labeled data is the bottleneck of your NLP operation

Clear that bottleneck, save time and money with LightTag



Beautiful, free Web UI for annotations supporting NER and classification

  • Beautiful web based annotation platform
  • Save work locally
  • Supports span annotations and classification



Manage your team of labelers to get high quality labeled data

  • Automatically manages your work force to get to inter-annotator agreement
  • Automate your labeling with LightTag's ML
  • Full API access
  • Analytics about your projects, schemas and annotators
  • Manage multiple teams


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For large teams and on-premise installations

  • Seamless on-premise deployment
  • AD/SSO integration
  • Audit Logs

We offer discounts for teachers, students, researchers, and NGOs

"Rather than spending a month figuring out an unsupervised machine learning problem, just label some data for a week and train a classifier."

Richard Socher, Stanford/Salesforce