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For Teams

It takes a team to produce good labeled data. But how do you manage a team of labelers?
You could
Bad Idea
build your own
, but
Good idea
try LightTag

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Do your best work with the best tools

Your labelers are an expensive resource, Give them the tools to do their best work.

LightTag's annotation interface features:
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • No tokenization assumptions
  • Full Unicode Support
  • Subword and phrase annotations
  • RTL and CJK languages
  • Entity, Classification and Relation annotations

Leverage AI to work better, faster!

LightTag's AI continuously learns from you to provide suggestions

LightTag's AI quickly learns high precision predictions, automating away simple labels and freeing your team to create more and higher quality labels.
You can also provide suggestions with your own models, regular expressions and dictionaries.

LightTag Just Works™

No code or devops needed

Whether using our SaaS or on-premise offerings, LightTag just works. You'll never have to configure a database, write code to get what you want or think about servers and networking. We do it for you so you can

label data

Annotate knowing your data is secure with daily snapshots and fault tolerant infrastructure so you can annotate anytime all the time.

Scale with workflow automation

LightTag assigns work to your team so you don't have to.

Specify a task in LightTag's easy UI and we'll assign work to your labelers.
They'll never have to search for the next document, and you'll never need to worry about who's doing what.

The analytics you need

Track the progress and quality of your project in real time

LightTag’s analytics shows you the pace of your project, inter annotator agreement and error analysis so you can fix problems before they manifest

Here's how LightTag works

Fast and simple. No code needed!

Labeled data is the bottleneck of your NLP operation

Clear that bottleneck, save time and money with LightTag



Beautiful, free Web UI for annotations supporting NER and classification

  • Beautiful web based annotation platform
  • Save work locally
  • Work offline - Data never leaves your computer
  • Supports span annotations and classification
  • Define relationships between entities


$0.01 per annotation

Manage your team of labelers to get high quality labeled data

  • From 10K annotations a month
  • Pay only for what you use
  • LightTag manages your team's work schedule
  • Automate your labeling with LightTag's ML
  • Full API access
  • Analytics about your projects, schemas and annotators
  • Access controls and work routing for different teams


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For large teams and on-premise installations

  • Seamless on-premise deployment
  • AD/SSO integration
  • Audit Logs
  • Supports HIPAA Compliant
  • Supports GDPR Compliance (including right to be forgotten)