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NLP is like a factory, in come
labeled data
raw materials
and out comes profit, what happens in between is where you work your magic.
Labeled data is the bottlneck in your factory, the constraint that sets the pace of your operation.
LightTag make's labeling data at scale easy, and helps you ensure it's perfect.
You could
Bad Idea
Build Your Own
labeling tools. But
Very Smart
try LightTag
" Dude this is awesome! The suggestions are really working well. "

- Jeff Dalgiesh, Founder at WellLine

" Seing how much work would need to be manually tagged, our approach of having a rule-based tokenizer is a wise decision, and LightTag's ability to import them is an awesome feature! "

- Helios Hildt, Université Bordeaux-Montaigne,

" Your product is designed very well - congrats! We have teams of annotators and i know how difficult it can be if the ux isnt easy to navigate - thanks for being thoughtful of that! 👊 "

- Tyler Martinez, Director Data Science at PitchBook Data

" We looked at just about every product we could find when we decided we needed to in-house our NER. LightTag was the only candidate that was handling the management of multiple annotators well (a must for us given the scale and speed we need). On top of that, the SaaS option let us get started without any building on our side, which meant our engineering resources could stay focussed on their primary goals. LightTag is an excellent extension of our machine learning team. "

- Robin Peeples, Product Manager at Hoodline

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The Features You Need To Label Data For NLP