Text Annotation

made easy, with these awesome features

For Labelers

Give your labelers the best tools for the job

Best in class Annotation UX

Work with the most comfortable, optimized tools available

Keyboard Shortcuts

Annotate faster with out optimzied keyboard shortcuts

Phrases and Subwords

Annotate words, phrases or subwords.

Provide Context

Give your annotators the context they need to label accurately

Annotate Relationships

Drag and drop relationship interface

Document Classification

Classify entire documents or sections

For Project Managers

Everything you need to run a labeling project and still get your work done

Workflow Automation

LightTag manages your team for you

Analytics & Insights

Get the information you need to make your data the best it can be

Teams & Access Control

Easily manage multiple teams with distinct expertise


Daily backups and highly available infrastructure

Simple to use

LightTag helps you get set up fast, no code needed!

LightTag Just Works ™

No need to set up networking or databases


Get more done with less time and money

Bring your Own Model

You know your data best. Bring that knowledge to your labelers

Track your model's improvement

LightTag provides reporting on your models performance based on your teams interaction with it


LightTag learns from your team to provide suggestions