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Configuring Existing Jobs

Written by Tal Perry. Updated over a week ago

Sometimes you'll want to change your jobs and their priority, for example you might want to stop work on a particular job, change the guidelines or add new pre-annotations.

This section will walk you through the Job control page which you can access by going to manage->Jobs

Prioritize a Task

Click the up arrow button to move a job to the top of the queue so that work will begin on it immediately.

Archiving/Deleting A Job

Made a job you regret ? Not a problem, click the trash icon to archive it

Pausing or Resuming A Job

If you want to temporarily pause a job click the pause icon. If the job is paused it will be a Play/Resume icon instead

Downloading Results

Click the download button and you'll get a JSON with all the data in the dataset, and any annotations made during the job or in review .

Changing Who Works On The Job

Open the job expansion panel and you can change the teams assigned to the job.

Editing Guidelines

As your job progresses you'll want to update your guidelines. Click the edit guidelines button in the jobs expansion panel to do so