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Roles and access control

Controlling who can annotate which data

Written by Tal Perry. Updated over a week ago

As your project progresses you'll want to have finer control over who works on what, and who can configure work. LightTag addresses this need through roles and teams.


LightTag has three roles, managers, annotators and reviewers.


Managers have permissions to annotate anything, review anything and configure new projects.


Annotators can only annotate the work they are assigned to. They can not navigate to other sections of the application or make changes or review work.


Reviewers can access the review screen and review work. Reviewers can only review work that they have been granted permission to review.

Assigning Roles

Roles are assigned in the UI through at the annotators page.

Go to manage->Annotators and toggle the role you want to apply on to an annotator.