LightTag Demos and free tools

Demo LightTag WorkspaceAnnotate and classify president Trumps tweets
This is a public LightTag workspace which is feature for feature equal to our payed offering.
We've set up the workspace with tweets from president trump, and you'll be asked to classify them as Insults/Praise as well as annotate entities in them.
Free Text Annotation ToolFor individual annotators. Our free text annotation tool
If you're still labeling at a small scale you should still have the best tools out there. Our annotation UI is available free, and your data never leaves your computer (For real, turn off networking and it will still work).
You can annotate span annotations and download the results to your computer. Data upload is either a JSON file or copy paste.
Universal Dependencies AnnotatorAn open tool for annotating universal dependencies
This is an open tool where you can upload data in CONLLU format and modify the relationships using our drag and drop interface. You can download the results to your computer in CONLLU format as well.