About Us

Who are you

Hi we're LightTag.
Tal Perry,
Founder & CEO
Maria Solowejtchik,
Alain Jacomet,
Ilan Bar-Magen,
We're a remote, multinational team of people with a mission to make labeling data for NLP easy.

What are you doing ?

Our mission is to increase the velocity and yield of natural language processing projects. We execute on our mission by building products that isolate and remove constraints in the NLP workflow, for example annotation and quality assurance for labeled data.

Why are you doing this?

We think that the infrastructure and best practices around labeling data are constraining progress in industry and academia. We also think that as a team, we are uniquely positioned to resolve those constraints. As NLP practitioners, these problems are important to us.

Where do I get in touch with you ?

You can contact LightTag here, follow us on twitter, or just send us an email at hello@LightTag.io